New officers have been voted in the Fall 2021 for a term of (2) years. Congratulations to all who were voted into the new positions. Greg Schriewer of CMC Steel Texas was voted into the Treasurer position. David Mowry of Charter Steel Wisconsin was voted in as new Vice President. Finally, Chet Knell of Nucor Steel Connecticut has been voted as the new President. Chris Hixson of MBI Rolls has been appointed as Secretary by Chet Knell for a term of (2) years.

We have 2 new committee chairpersons stepping up to lead meetings. Sean O’Connell from Nucor Steel Connecticut will lead the Wire Rod Training Workgroup and Tui Fualaau will lead the Long Products Training Workgroup. Thanks to these gentlemen for stepping up in these roles, these will be great meetings.

We are working on a newsletter, in an effort to communicate updates and news pertaining to the steel industry and the IRD. It will be sent out in the months of February, June, and November. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Let us know what you would like to see, and we will work on having it in the newsletter.

Our upcoming meetings for 2022 and 2023 are as follows. Spring 2022 will be in Charleston, SC with Nucor Steel Berkley hosting. It will be the Charleston Marriott May 24th through the 27th. As we move onto the fall meeting it will be held at 7 Springs Resort with TSI Titanium hosting this event. 2023 is in the planning stage with Nucor Steel Florida hosting in the spring and Primetal’s Technologies hosting in the fall.

This is not a new offer, but a reminder from IRD for presentations of papers. Any One person giving a titled paper will receive a gift card of $100.00. If a titled paper is given by two or more individuals the $100.00 will be split.